Virtual Committee on Business Valuation

Mentor Program

A message from Karen Brady, facilitator of the Virtual Committee's Mentor Program:

(This message was originally sent to the ABA-PTL mailing list.)

I am the facilitator for the brand spanking new mentoring program of the business valuation committee. The commitee hopes to promote instructive communication between attorneys on problems or concerns which might be too fact-specific or confidential to make them appropriate for general posting on this listserv.

In its initial phase, the committee anticipates that the program will operate like this: Any subscriber to the ABA-PTL listserv with a question or concern regarding business valuation or related planning issues which he or she would like to bounce off an attorney with experience in business valuation matters may contact me, the program facilitator, at We will then find a mentor to answer that question from our list of volunteer mentors or, failing that, by seeking mentors through this list or the business valuation committee's website at

In order to start the ball rolling, the business valuation committee invites you to participate. First, if you would like to volunteer to be a mentor, please contact me at At a minimum, please include in your message the subject areas concerning which you feel most comfortable answering questions, where you practice, and how you can be reached (by internet would be most helpful).

Second, if you have a business valuation question, issue, or concern that you would like to bounce off another attorney but don't feel is appropriate for listserv discussion, please e-mail me at with your question or concern, name, and address. I will then forward your message to a volunteer mentor who can give you an answer or point you in the right direction. The mentor program, like this listserv, is not intended as a substitute for research.

We may experiment by handling some questions, with sufficient generalized interest to warrant posting in this listserv, by submitting a generalized and sanitized restatement of the question (without reference to the initiator) for comment here in this listserv. In some instances this may be include a general and sanitized version of the mentor's reply for the purpose of gathering additional comments from participants here in ABA-PTL. When submitting a question to the mentor program please let us know if you have any problem with this alternative approach to your question.

I hope to hear from subscribers to this listserv who wish to be mentors, mentees, or just have a question about this new program or the business valuation committee.

Karen Brady
Arvada, Colorado